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John P. Chase, circa 1928

Our Brand

At Chase Brothers Properties, LLC, we ride for the brand, which is our reputation. Just like working on a cattle ranch where the cowboys ride for the brand and will work countless hours to ensure health for the cattle and support the reputation of the ranch that owns the cattle, we ride for our brand- our reputation.

Our Brand Is Our Reputation. What Does This Mean?

For many businesses, a brand is about recognition. A brand on cattle is how they’ve been identified for 150 years or more. It’s infallible and still used today. For instance, at the Chase family ranch, we had a brand- the Lazy J C, which became recognized around the world as the brand associated with some of the very best seed stock in the world.

We were proud of it and our family applied this brand to every calf born every year. We literally “rode for the brand”. It didn’t define us; rather, we defined it. It was how we were recognized in the product (seed stock cattle) that we sold.

For Paul Wallop, his family has a brand that literally built the Sheridan area through the horse industry and later through Hereford cattle. His Great grandfather was fundamental in shaping how this area is today with his vision that was inspired by his passion for great horses. That passion for building a legacy is continued today with Paul.

Now we have developed our own brand in real estate and we ride for this brand- our reputation. It’s a reputation that reflects the ranch-raised values and developing relationships we learned on our family ranches. For Paul, who developed an outstanding bird hunting and fly-fishing guiding business, it’s all about relationships and providing the experiences that people expect. For John and Galen, working side by side, we learned the virtues of hard work and have seen and felt the rewards from jobs well done on the ranch and in selling real estate. We have a way of finding solutions and producing results that yield happy clients. From our many testimonials, you’ll find that we treat people right and we work hard for the results they expect and deserve. Yes, all of us have started many days long before the sun came up and ended them long after the sun went down and we relish the calluses and wet saddle blankets we earned. This is who we are and our reputation depends on it. Our Brand is Our Reputation.

The Culture Of Chase Brothers Properties, LLC

We believe in doing what we say. We stand behind our work. We promise to listen and work hard to best serve your interests. We are not sales people. We believe that we can’t “sell” you anything, but we can help you achieve results. If you’re a Buyer, we will spend the appropriate amount of time to make sure you’re comfortable with our area and comfortable with decisions you make. If you’re a Seller, we will make sure you are comfortable with the emotional decisions that come with selling. We are devoted members of our community who are passionate about land, resources and relationships. We are creative, collaborative and solution-oriented. We want results that make you happy; that’s our brand.

Why We Do It

We were lucky enough to have been raised on ranches in the area and therefore we have ingrained appreciation for what we have. We have all been to other places, but we always come back home. It comes as second nature to us to share this incredible place with others.

We sought to build a real estate company that reflects our values; a company built on a well-established reputation and the promise that we will work for you until your goals are met. We established a brand that became what our new company is – our reputation. It was a decision that has benefitted our clients and we look forward to continuing and building that brand through our people and the deals that we do.

About Our Area

Along the eastern slope of Wyoming’s Big Horn Mountains stretches one of the most beautiful, desirable, and valuable real estate markets in the west. Do you envision yourself working, living, and playing in the shadow of the Big Horns? Sheridan, Wyoming and the surrounding area offer a once-in-a-lifetime real estate and living opportunity for individuals in search of a perfect piece of the historic West.

With many recent honors and awards, such as True West Magazine’s 2005 Western Town of the Year Award, Sheridan attracts people in search of a small town lifestyle with the benefits of big-city culture, dining, and boutique shopping. Known for its devotion to the Arts and western heritage, Sheridan is a growing community of 15,000 with a thriving economy, award-winning school systems, and quality air service. Sheridan’s historic Main Street sits as the city’s centerpiece, with numerous shops catering to locals and tourists alike. Recreation opportunities abound with the nearby Big Horn Mountains, three golf courses, lakes for boating and fishing, and an Arts community featuring the historic WYO Theater.

The valley surrounding Sheridan also contributes to the area’s uniqueness. To the east, endless miles of pristine prairie ranchland stretch to the horizon. To the south and west, the Big Horn Mountains jut from the landscape, displaying a breathtaking glimpse of Mother Nature’s handiwork and protecting the valley from Wyoming’s notorious wind. Steeped in history, the valley stands as a piece of the old frontier. Sioux Indian tribes and US Cavalrymen battled it out in the hills of Sheridan County, and buffalo roamed the countryside, which to this day brims with wildlife. Much like Sheridan itself, the Valley of the Big Horns is truly one of the last best places to put down roots in America’s west.